My name is Aernout Schmidt. I share some of my thoughts and my opinions in the this blog . Often in terms of social ecologies, considering what the legal discipline, the sciences, the law and autonomy have to do with it. The blog is  a mixed bag, drawing from experiences with the four dotLegal branches mentioned below. In the beginning I expect it will be rather kaleidoscopic and thus perhaps a bit confusing. Its coherence will emerge, I expect, with its volume.


I run a small enterprise (SE) named “dotLegal.net” with four branches: Academics, Consultancy, Publishing and Studio.

  1. As a professor in Law and Information Technology at Leiden University ( since my 65th birthday for one day/week). I supervise a few PhD students, give an honours class to bachelor students on how scientists and legal scholars can cooperate and publish my blogs. See for further details: dotLegal Academics.
  2. Recently, a PhD student of mine needed a reasonably priced, seriously published  and distributed (ISBN/ Amazon) version of her PhD, under “open source” conditions and on very short notice. The solution proved to be in adding a branch to my SE and turn this into a publishing company. As this worked pretty well I decided to keep this branch alive. For further details: dotLegal Publishing.
  3. The domain of law and computer science is preoccupied with modelling legal mechanisms that support modelling ICT-services. The domain of public procurement of ICT (and of innovation – they often go hand in hand) has similar preoccupations. As “of counsel” with Corvers Procurement Services and with SCHMDT Advocatuur, I provide consultancy services to procurement projects — often together with mr. Franke van der Klaauw-Koops, and mostly in the form of flash evaluations (in multidisciplinary teams called tender-boards). For further details: dotLegal Consultancy.
  4. For all the fuss, I need a private place to work. So I added a studio to the website for that. Only the initiated have access to dotLegal Studio.


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