It was January 2nd, 2014.
Out in the rain, I met a neighbour.
We deplored the world’s state of play: firework accidents galore, and Paris reportedly being glad that a mere thousand cars had been set alight. Less than last Sylvester’s eve, apparently.
“I hope,” my neighbour said, “that these assholes will be punished severely.” I agreed. Yet I couldn’t help thinking that such punishment might not prevent the asshole behaviour from recurring next year. We went our separate ways, rather depressed for a proper new year’s start.

The scene mentioned here is used to illustrate many of my blogs. It is Case-1. Blogs that use it get the Case-1 tag (tags are in the side bar). Case-1 blogs tend to be small stories, meant to be useful for discussing the law’s genealogy and efficacies, inviting non-law professionals in. I will not use technical terms of legal professionals – even when these do think that I do.  In Case-1 blogs, for example, the word ‘contract’ means what it tends to mean to those who manage to make an agreement without an academic or professional legal education.


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